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Rebound: that's the word for it, but sometimes you pick someone for your rebound that is a little too compatible, and then you are stuck. Your 'fling' turns into a full-blown relationship, and you are in love, all over again, except with all the baggage of not quite being over the last one, and not quite being ready for this new one, and hey, weren't you supposed to spend sometime alone, you know, really getting to know yourself and re-establishing your autonomy so that you wouldn't just make the same mistakes again?

Oh well.

I ask, "Why do boys go out with crazy girls?"

He answers, "Guys go out with crazy girls until they get tired of taking it. Then they find a new girl."

"One that's less crazy?"

"Not necessarily."

"One that's crazy in a different way?"

"Maybe. Mostly just one that's new."

"But what if she's crazy in the same way?"

"Even if she's crazy in exactly the same way, it's not the same girl."

"And that's enough?"

"That's enough."

My friends wrote their own wedding vows. Seeing them up there was terrifying and moving, like watching two people prepare to jump over a chasm, muscles tensed and knees bent, knowing you won't get to find out if they make it across or not. She promised to love him, told him many sweet things. His reply was one sentence long:

"I promise to love you no matter how crazy you get."

That's enough, isn't it?